Tired of waiting for the right one?

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           Are you currently experiencing an unrequited love? had met someone that has a mutual understanding with you but didn’t work in the end? Tired of waiting for the right one? Well with giveupandsettle.com, that can all end today! To explain further how, let us see the presentation of my friend Ryan Higa for the site.

(best viewed with subtitles! click the CC button in the youtube video to get subtitles)

So what are you waiting for? go visit the site now and maybe today you can meet your true love! Give up and Settle~


Here are some pictures of our satisfied visitors! ^_^ :

(Peace po ani \m/ AHHAHHAHAHA)


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Steps on finding your soulmate

There are many ways to find the perfect one for you but with giveupandsettle.com, it’ll be as easy as 1,2,3! Just follow this steps to know how and at a chance of 0-100% you’ll surely have a partner by the end of the day.

STEP 1: 

Visit the site giveupandsettle.com

(This is the most important and basic requirement so you better be sure to visit it!)


Just click the start button and see the magic~


Just pick your preferences 😉 don’t worry, nobody will judge. You can select many different types of traits in some of the questions. Answer these questions.


After selecting your preferences just click submit(this is for the traits that can be selected many times)

And viola! you have now find your partner! be sure to enjoy and cherish your moments together! I wish you guys the best 😥 Glad I could help.


Now.. Have you find your soulmate after following these steps? If no, THEN TRY AGAIN! No pain No gain right?


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